HEARTLESS: Relatives chase away family with rare condition…Accuses them of bringing bad luck to their clan

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THREE brothers living with disability are now HOMELESS after their family was chased away from their rural home because of their rare condition.

Their relatives claim the family’s presence at their Mwenezi rural homestead was a curse which was bringing bad luck to them.

The three siblings – Munyaradzi (23), Maxwell (21) and Simbarashe Chibida (nine) – were chased away from Maranda, along with their parents.

The three siblings – Munyaradzi (23), Maxwell (21) and Simbarashe Chibida (nine).

Maxwell is a genius who has been getting distinctions since he was in primary school.

The Chibidas left behind a five-roomed house, and four hectares of land in Maranda, under Chief Neshuro.

The family has since relocated to Rutenga where they got temporary shelter from a Good Samaritan.

Narrating their ordeal, Munyaradzi said they were having challenges when it comes to movement from one place to the other.

“My parents were banished from our homestead by our relatives because of our condition.

“The relatives suspect that our parents used juju on us which resulted in this condition.

“We tried to engage Aunt Moyo as a mediator but to no avail,” he said.

Munyaradzi, who started playing mbira in 2015, finds comfort in music.

“I can play mbira, compose, record and sing very well.

“I started playing mbira in 2015, I am now the best mbira player, which gives me comfort,’’ he said.

Munyaradzi’s mother, Judith Dube, appealed for assistance to fend for her children.

“I am appealing for help to raise my three children.

“They were born physically challenged but my relatives think we used juju on them.

“My husband is just a peasant farmer, Munyaradzi is musically talented, followed by Maxwell who is academically gifted.

“I can’t afford to raise Maxwell’s school fees while Simbarashe is at Jairos Jiri School,” she said.

Currently, the family is in Chitungwiza under the care of the Mother Esther Trust run by Mukai Chauruka.

The foundation is appealing for assistance to help them return to Rutenga.

“We got to know of their condition through social media.

“Munyaradzi is a talented mbira player looking for assistance to record his music.

“Maxwell is good in school and he has been getting good grades.

“We invited them here to Chitungwiza from Rutenga so that we can source their basic needs but they will be going back for school soon after getting their school needs,” she said.

Chauruka said they were currently working with many people living with disability who need assistance.

“Our Mother Ester Home’s challenges are many, including that our only car, which is not an off-road vehicle, has to deliver wheelchairs, blinds, pills and all their physical support equipment and medications

“Mother Esther Trust is fighting to remove physically challenged persons from the streets by empowering them.”

Maxwell appealed for permanent accommodation when they return home.

“My only wish is for us to get just a single room near my school. We need wheelchairs and proper ablution facilities since we used bush toilets at my former school,” he said.

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