Heartbreak And Betrayal: Wife, Mistress Clash In Heated Showdown At Longcheng Plaza

There was drama at Longcheng Plaza in Harare, after an unidentified man stepped in to break up a fight between his girlfriend and his wife.

A video currently trending online captures the moment two women get into a physical altercation, with a man intervening to break up the fight.

The exact events leading to the fight are unclear, but those who witnessed the incident can be heard asking questions with no one providing answers, as the three individuals involved were simply going about their “own business”.

As the video reaches its conclusion, a man can be heard questioning the other woman,

“Ko zvaita seiko? Ko zvanzi maitaseiko?” 

She did not answer and the other woman who claims to be the wife of the man in question answered,

“Ihure remurume wangu iri.”

The man did not say anything as he got into his car.

Watch the video below.

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