Schoolboy found with 40 pairs of girls’ underwear

Schoolboy Found In Possession Of 40 Girls' Pairs Of Underwear

In a bizarre incident that has astounded many people, a male learner at Gokomere High School was found in possession of more than 40 girls’ underwear exiting the girls’ hostel on Sunday, 10 September.

The school head Aquanos Mazhunga confirmed the matter to TellZim News and said they were still investigating.

Said Mazhunga:I can confirm the incident, however, we are still doing investigations to get to the bottom of the matter, we will furnish you [with more details] once we finalise.

The boy was caught red-handed by one parent who had gone to the school to drop his daughter off and was asked to leave the learner’s bags at the hostels.

When the parent proceeded to the hostels, he spotted the boy exiting the girls’ hostels. Said the parent:

I went to Gokomere to drop off my daughter on Sunday (September 10). I found the matrons in a church service and they asked me to leave her bags at the hostel and apparently, there was no one at the hostels.

Upon leaving the bags at the hostel, I met a young boy and asked him what he was doing in the girls’ hostels and he lied saying he was there to drop a female student.

I believed him at first but got suspicious after seeing that there was only one other parent’s car and mine, of which he failed to identify the child he had come with and when I asked again he tried to run away.

I got hold of him and searched him only to find girls’ underwear stashed in his trousers and jacket pockets.

The parent said when he questioned the boy about the underwear, he denied stealing them, saying his friends had left them with him.

Said the parent:When I asked him he denied stealing the pants and said his friends left the pants with him and we took him to the matron who told us the pupil in question was always on the run and there had been reports of girls’ pants missing at the school.

The security personnel was called and confirmed that the pupil had been caught at the prefects’ hostel earlier on showing he had a record of stealing girls’ pants.

The parents urged the school authorities to investigate the matter saying the pants could be used for evil acts. He said:

The school authorities should get to the bottom of this matter, if he was stealing food or other items we could be saying maybe it’s hunger or he wants to sell and make extra cash.

Stealing female underwear is weird and when I caught him he wrestled trying to escape and he is so

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