Serious drama as dealer discovers that his wife of two months is actually a man

In a shocking turn of events, a prominent Kwekwe dealer found himself entangled in a distressing situation when he discovered that his supposed female lover was, in fact, a man. James Mapawa, a 40-year-old dealer based in Narrans Building, Kwekwe, had been living with his partner, Praise Mpofu, for two months before the startling revelation unfolded.

The incident came to light when Mapawa experienced an unexpected erection during a lula lula encounter with Mpofu. This unforeseen physical reaction led to a heated altercation between the two individuals, exposing the truth behind Mpofu’s deceptive appearance and identity.

According to reports, the encounter took place in July at a nightclub in Kwekwe, where Mapawa initially encountered Mpofu, who was disguising himself as a woman. Mapawa, unaware of Mpofu’s true gender, expressed his affection, and they began a romantic relationship, eventually moving in together.

On September 7, during a sexual encounter, Mpofu’s erection shocked Mapawa, leading to a violent confrontation between the two partners. Outraged and taken aback by the revelation, Mapawa reported the incident to the police, resulting in the arrest of both individuals.

Subsequently, James Mapawa and Praise Mpofu appeared before Kwekwe magistrate Itai Kagwere, facing charges of sodomy. During the court proceedings, they were released on $100 000 bail each, pending further investigations and legal proceedings. Kudakwashe Mazorodze represented the State in the case.


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