CCC’s Shantel Chiwara (25) Takes The Throne As Masvingo’s Youngest Mayor

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In a groundbreaking achievement, 25-year-old Shantel Yeukai Chiwara of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has been elected as the first female Mayor of Masvingo.

Notably, Chiwara’s victory also makes her the youngest person to hold this prestigious position in the city’s history.

With an overwhelming majority of 11 out of 13 votes cast by councillors, Chiwara emerged victorious, defeating her rival, Sengerayi Manyanga from ZANU PF.

This historic win signifies a paradigm shift towards promoting women and young leaders in Zimbabwean politics.

Shantel Chiwara Elected As The Mayor Of Masvingo

Chiwara’s election as Mayor has been hailed as a momentous occasion by the CCC, aligning with the party leader Nelson Chamisa’s vision of empowering women and young people in leadership roles.

The party emphasized the significance of this achievement in promoting gender equality and youth participation in governance. Taking to X, CCC wrote,

“In line with President @nelsonchamisa‘s vision of promoting women & young people to national leadership positions, the councilors in Masvingo have elected one of the youngest Mayors in the country.

Shantel Chiwara, a 25-year-old, has been elected as the Mayoress of Masvingo. She will be supported by Deputy Mayor Councillor Daniel Mberikunashe.”

Chiwara’s success serves as an inspiration to aspiring young leaders, highlighting the possibilities and opportunities available to them in the political landscape.

A New Era of Leadership

Taking up the mayoral duties, Chiwara will be supported by Deputy Mayor Daniel Mberikunashe, also from the CCC.

Mberikunashe, serving his third term as Ward 5 councillor, brings valuable experience and expertise to the mayoral team.

Chiwara was officially sworn in as the new Mayor of Masvingo at a ceremony presided over by Town Clerk Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa.

A Rising Star With An Impressive Background

Chiwara’s achievements extend beyond her political success.

As an investment banker and former Victoria High learner, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a council member.

She is currently pursuing a Strategic Management Masters’ degree at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Her father, James Chiwara, a former deputy mayor of Masvingo, adds a familial connection to the local political landscape.

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