Breaking* Illegal miners trapped underground at Bayhorse Mine in Chegutu

By Innocent Muchochomi in Chegutu

More than 30 miners have been trapped underground after the shaft they were working in at Bayhorse Mine, on the periphery of Chegutu, collapsed.

The actual number of casualties and fatalities has not yet been disclosed but the Police are attending to the incident.

Chegutu Miners Association chairman Innocent Nicks confirmed that the incident happened around 10:00hrs today.

“I can confirm that according to Mine records, about 44 people are said to have been underground but only 4 escaped when the shaft walls collapsed.”

“Of the escapees, 3 were unhurt whilst the other one had injuries.”

Contrary to assertions that the Mining management deserted fearing interrogation on safety standards and practices, Nicks said they avoided confrontation with emotional people.

Bay horse Mine is under Honourable Webster Shamu’s Chegutu East Constituency

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