“I Want To Maul You” Shumba Robson Mhandu Caught Requesting For Bota In Damning Leaked Audio Recording

An audio of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)’s director of radio services Robson Mhandu asking for bota in order to facilitate a subordinate’s transfer has been leaked.

Mhandu has been suspended on allegations of s_exual harassment. Despite the incriminating evidence, Robson Mhandu intends to contest the sexual harassment charges during an upcoming internal disciplinary hearing next month.

A Lion Needs To Eat: How Mhandu Asked For Bota

In the leaked audio recording, Robson Mhandu is having a conversation with Farai Juliet Magada, also known as Farie Jules. In the leaked audio, Mhandu is heard conversing with Farai Juliet Magada, also known as Farie Jules. He informs her that unless she complies with his demands, he will ensure her return to Bulawayo.

“I will send you back to Bulawayo” Farie Jules then seeks clarification, asking whether her transfer will be reversed if she refuses to give him bota.. Mhandu flexs his muscles and says, “I will send you back to Bulawayo. Ndine power yacho and I will implement it and iwewe unotoziva kuti ndinozviita.”

Farie Jules asks that if she puts in the work will that be enough for her to stay in Harare to which Mhandu responds by insisting that it would not be sufficient. He insists on a physical relationship with her. In the leaked audio Robson Mhandu, referring to his Shumba totem, says that he wants to maul her claiming she has become special to him.

“I have told you, “Stop thinking”. This is a knowledge economy. This is a practice economy. I have shouted about the practical realities of life. If you can’t take that advice, these lions will maul you and I want to maul you. I want to. I am not mincing my words because you being you. You are not anyone ordinary to me. It’s not because you are pretty. It’s because you have become special,” Robson Mhandu said in the leaked audio.

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