Bar pateons attack, disarm top detective

Join our whatsapp news group: The head of the police’s homicide division in Harare was attacked and disarmed by patrons while leaving a nightclub early Saturday, witnesses said. Detective Inspector Alexander Jachi shot one of the attackers on the leg during the rumpus which broke out in the parking lot, after the nightclub had closed at around 2AM. Police said they are holding three men “who are assisting with investigations” over the incident. The row started after Jachi, who was standing next to his vehicle, a beige Toyota Fortuner, refused to yield to a group of patrons who wanted passage between him and another vehicle. Words were exchanged before Jachi pulled out a pistol and fired some shots in the air before shooting one of the men. He was attacked with bottles and bricks by the group who also disarmed him. Jachi was rushed to a local hospital and “his condition is stable at the moment,” national police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said on Monday. Anti-riot police stormed the Jongwe Corner nightclub in Hatfield at around 10.30PM on Sunday night and beat up patrons, witnesses said. Nyathi told ZimLive: “The Zimbabwe Republic Police investigations team was on a follow-up of suspects after the attack on Detective Chief Inspector Jachi. “If there is anyone who was attacked or assaulted by police officers, the concerned persons are free to report for investigations to be conducted.” *ZimLive*

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