High drama as woman gets arrested after catching husband having quality time with female sangoma

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IN a dramatic incident a man who was busted by his wife getting cozy with a traditional healer who they had been consulting to save their ‘ailing’ marriage shocked all and sundry when he teamed up with the traditional healer and assaulted his wife as punishment for disturbing them.

This was heard when the traditional healer Sihle Nyathi (40), Tawanda Maraini (36) and his wife Angel Zondi Simbi (30) appeared in court facing a charge of disorderly conduct. They appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Learnear Khumalo and they all pleaded guilty to the charge.

They were each sentenced to serve six months in prison.

However, three months were suspended on condition that each of them does not commit a similar offence within a period of five years.

The remaining three months were further suspended on condition that each of them performs 105 hours of community service.

Sihle will render her unpaid labour at Cowdray Park Secondary school while Maraini will be at Tategulu Primary School and Simbi at Mkhithika Primary School.

It was proved in court that Maraini and his wife approached Nyathi after they had problems in their marriage.

While they were at Nyathi’s place she told them that she needed to steam them as part of cleansing the evil spirits that were causing problems in their marriage. After that the couple made several trips to Nyathi’s home where she would order them to strip naked before she steamed them, the court heard.

On another occasion Nyathi told the couple that one of Simbi’s relatives was the one who was causing problems in their marriage.

Simbi, the court heard, didn’t take that kindly and she immediately stopped attending cleansing sessions.

Her husband, however, continued attending the cleansing sessions where Nyathi was reportedly steaming him naked. An affection seemed to have developed between the two leading them to fall in love.

Last week on Friday Simbi bumped into Nyathi and her husband at her husband’s relative’s house.

A misunderstanding ensued between her and Nyathi and at the height of that fracas she charged at Nyathi and punched her while accusing her of snatching her husband.

The pair fought and seeing that his girlfriend was on the receiving end Maraini joined the fight on the side of his lover and beat up his wife. After that he fled with his lover and reported the incident to the police leading to the arrest of Simbi.

Investigations by the police also later led to the arrest of Nyathi and Maraini.

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