Power FM boss DJ Scott suspended for sex advances on subordinate

Popular radio personality and Power FM station manager, Scott Matengambiri has been suspended by ZBC for allegedly demanding oral sex from a female subordinate.

Sources within the state broadcaster have revealed that a complaint of sexual harassment was made against Matengambiri, better known as DJ Scott.

It is alleged the veteran radio celebrity with nearly two decades of loyal service to ZBC pestered a young female employee for the unorthodox favour in return for offering her a job.

Matengambiri, now at the mercy of the broadcaster’s human resources department, is reportedly planning to tender his resignation to avoid the disciplinary process.

Reached for comment, ZBC chief executive officer Adelaide Chikunguru issued a curt rejection of the call to respond to claims against one of her top managers.

“I would like to decline to comment on this matter, thanks,” she said.
Matengambiri, who also hosts a popular radio show in which he generously gives advice on how to handle difficult love situations, is not the first ZBC top employee to be involved in a sex scandal inside a week.

ZBC radio services director Robson Mhandu was also suspended last week for allegedly demanding sex from a subordinate, Farai Juliet Magada, better known as Farai Jules.

Mhandu, a known Zanu PF loyalist who once contested elections on a party ticket, is determined to fight his case despite secretly recorded self-incriminating voice messages suggesting he made the advances.

Mhandu and Matengambiri’s cases are expected to open a can of worms into what is believed to be a deeper sex scandal within the state broadcaster.

A ZBC insider said it was time authorities took a firm stand against a vice that has been going unchecked over a period.

“It is time for effective action to be taken against perpetrators of sexual harassment, and every victim of this despicable act must receive the support and assistance they need to overcome its consequences,” she said.

In a statement Wednesday, the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) said it was “deeply concerned” over acts of sexual harassment being reported within the industry.

ZMC urged entities to immediately suspend and ban perpetrators from visiting work premises to pave way for investigations into the allegations.

“The ZMC urges stakeholders and partners to hold immediate disciplinary hearings following the immediate suspension of the alleged perpetrators so as to make room for unfettered investigation outside the intimidation of the alleged victims,” ZMC said.


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