Jim Kunaka rejoins Zanu PF

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ZANU PF prodigal son, Cde Jim Kunaka, has re-joined the revolutionary party saying there is ideological bankruptcy in opposition politics.

Before he joined opposition politics, Cde Kunaka was Zanu PF Harare Provincial Youth chairman. Zanu PF Secretary General, Dr Obert Mpofu, said Cde Kunaka is welcome.

“The earlier the better, he realised the need to come back home; he is a product of the party,” said Dr Mpofu. “The President has always said everyone is free to come back home. The party is open for everyone.”

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Cde Kunaka said he was back in Zanu PF as an ordinary card-carrying member after realising that opposition parties have nothing to offer.

“I was myopic and misled by anger and disgruntlement. I am a Zanu PF member to the core and no one can take it away from me. This is my decision and I am not influenced by anyone,” said Cde Kunaka.

He hailed senior party members who advised him to take the correct political path. “I am ready to work for the party as a messenger. I am ready to deliver. I am ready to work for the party to ensure Harare is back to Zanu PF,” Cde Kunaka.

“The truth of the matter is that there is nothing there; opposition parties are full of failures. Some of them have been MPs, but they have nothing to show for it. Why should I follow such blind people?

“I said there is nothing that could stop me from returning home. This is my decision as a politician,” he said.

He urged ZANU PF supporters to remain steadfast in support of President Mnangagwa.

The CCC top leadership, he said, is in hibernation after losing the election to Zanu PF.

Cde Kunaka congratulated President Mnangagwa on winning the August elections.

Meanwhile, Cde Kunaka denounced CCC MPs for boycotting the official opening of the First Session of the 10th Parliament.

Political analyst Mr Moses Kuvarega weighed in saying the CCC doesn’t have a coherent strategy on anything, including on their presence in Parliament.

“Parliament is a very important and powerful arm of the State. By boycotting the official opening of Parliament, the CCC is basically shooting itself in the foot. They are blowing hot and cold; they are approbating and reprobating (accepting and rejecting what they want). If at all they are serious about their bizarre, frivolous and vexatious allegation that the elections were rigged, why then did they quickly accept to be sworn into office as legislators?“They are simply being typically childish and misguided,” said Mr Kuvarega.

He said the main problem with CCC legislators is that their leader Mr Nelson Chamisa is still in a state of shock after losing the Presidential election to President Mnangagwa, for the second time in a row.

“For reasons best known to himself, he is a very bitter and sour loser. He had already declared even before the first ballot was cast that any election in which he was not declared the winner would have been rigged?

“Surely, with that type of fundamentalist and delusional approach to politics, it is abundantly clear that as long as Chamisa doesn’t win any electoral contest, he somehow believes that he would have been rigged,” he said.

Mr Kuvarega said Zanu PF has an absolute majority in Parliament and as such, Parliamentary business will proceed with or without CCC legislators.

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