Palestinian Ambassador In Zimbabwe Warns Israel Apartheid Government.

By Desire Tshuma

Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Zimbabwe Dr. Tamer Almassri has said that the State of Palestine have for long, repeatedly warned against the consequences of failing to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate right to self-determination and establish long their own state. Instead, the Israeli occupation state continued with its aggression and violations against the Palestinian people unabatedly including daily provocations, settler attacks, occupation forces’ terrorism against unarmed civilians, siege on gaza as well as the raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque, Christian and Islamic holy sites.

Today alone, Israeli occupation forces have assassinated 200 Palestinian matryrs and over 1610 critically wounded while more 7000 are in jails including children, women and elderly. Israeli forces has also targeted with missiles and destroyed civilian infrastructure such as hospitals and residential units.

” Despite these blatant violations, the world has remained silent. The international community’s double standards and failure to act against the Israeli violations of Palestinian people’s rights encourages Israel to increase its crimes against our oppressed people’ said Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri.

” Security , stability and peace in our region can be attained by ending the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine.Palestinians will use all means necessary permitted by international law to defend themselves and resist Israeli occupation”added Dr Almassri.

Failure to adhere to international law and legitimacy resolutions has led to the events that are happening today in Palestine.” We hold the occupation state of Israel responsible for the ongoing conflict” charged Dr Almassri . The state of Palestine stresses that these Israeli crimes will not deter the Palestinian people from continuing their national struggle until they win their legitimate rights and establish their independent sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Ambassador Almassri concludes that the absence of a solution to the Palestinian cause after 75 years of suffering and displacement, the continuation of the policy of double standards, and the silence of the international community regarding the criminal and racist practices of the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people, and the continuation of the injustice and oppression to which the Palestinian people are exposed is the reason behind this explosive situation and the absence of peace and security in the region.

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