Moira Knight Refutes Naiza Boom Dating Rumors…He Asked Me For Money

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Social media sensation Moira Knight has vehemently denied rumours suggesting she is romantically involved with embattled film director Naiza Boom, renowned for his work with Naiza Boom Films.

Moira, who is also Zimdancehall chanter Seh Calaz’s baby mama, has spoken out to clarify her position on the matter.

Addressing the Allegations
Moira Knight has come under scrutiny recently as several prominent actors and YouTube stars, including Jatiwero, Netsai, Ozemwa, and Vhovho, announced their departure from Naiza Boom Films due to poor pay and working conditions.

However, Moira is refuting any claims that she played a role in the financial struggles of the film studio.

In an interview with PunchStar Entertainment, Moira stated firmly,

“It’s absolutely not true. When I became friends with Naiza, it was less than a year ago. But if you listen to the interviews, they are saying that they have been getting paid ma US$50 for a long time. That means it has got nothing to do with me, because I was not in the picture.”

Moira Knight emphasized that she and Naiza Boom share a close friendship but have never been romantically involved.

She pointed out the misconceptions surrounding platonic relationships, saying,

“Me and Naiza are very good friends. I think we are best friends…we get along so well.”

However, she did reveal that Naiza Boom had proposed to her with the intention of marriage, but she turned down the offer, opting to maintain their friendship while she needed more time.

Regarding financial matters, Moira explained that it was actually Naiza Boom who had requested financial assistance from her, and she had willingly provided support as a friend.

Setting the Record Straight on Payments

Moira Knight clarified that the only payment she had ever received from Naiza Boom was for her appearance in his movie “Slay Queen from Abroad.”

She asserted that at the time of her involvement, payments were smooth and without issues, contrary to what may be happening now, according to the allegations made by the discontented actors.

Challenging Accusations
Moira Knight concluded by issuing a challenge to those who have accused her of being in a relationship with Naiza Boom or of misusing his money.

She called on them to provide evidence to substantiate their claims, emphasizing that it’s unfair to judge people based on appearances.

In this exclusive interview, Moira Knight has set the record straight, refuting rumours of a romantic relationship with Naiza Boom and addressing the financial troubles faced by Naiza Boom Films.

As the controversy continues to unfold, the truth behind these allegations remains a subject of public interest and scrutiny.

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