Prophet who accurately predicted AKA’s death reveals how Ginimbi’s sister blue-ticked his message

Self-proclaimed Zimbabwean Prophet Mellontik Orasi has come out to reveal how Ginimbi’s sister Nelia Kadungure blueticked his message.

The founder and leader of Christ Lead Redemption Ministries International church Prophet Mellontik Orasi shared this startling development after the death of Nelia Kadungure’s sister Juliet.

Juliet Kadungure’s Death
Juliet Kadungure, the sister of the late businessman Ginimbi died yesterday in a tragic bus accident.

She was on her way back to Harare from Tanzania when the tragic accident happened.

Prophet Mellontik Reveals How Nelia Kadungure Blueticked His Message

Taking to his Facebook account, after Nelia’s sister Juliet’s tragic death, Prophet Mellontik Orasi shared screenshots of prophecies he had made back on the 17th of May.

One of these prophecies warned about a cross-border bus accident involving Zimbabwean nationals, predicting the loss of nearly 30 lives

“A cross boarder bus disaster carrying Zimbabwe national to kill almost 30

Captioning, the screenshots, Prophet Mellontik revealed that he tried to contact Nelia Kadungure last year but she blueticked him. He even shared a screenshot of the supposed message he sent her on Facebook.

Expressing concern, Prophet Mellontik went on to warn Nelia about the impending doom and advised her to pray without ceasing.

I tried contacting Nelia last year, she needs to pray without ceasing. A very deadly death arrow going round and round.

Zimbabwean Prophet Who Accurately Predicted AKA’s Death Reveals How Ginimbi’s Sister Blueticked His Message
Zimbabwean Prophet Who Accurately Predicted AKA’s Death Reveals How Ginimbi’s Sister Blueticked His Message (Image Credit: Facebook/ Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi)
Prophet Mellontik AKA Death Prophecy
Prophet Mellontik Orasi has been making waves after it emerged that he “accurately predicted” South African rapper AKA’s death.

AKA was gunned down on the 10th of February 2023 in Durban by unknown assailants.

Months before AKA’s death, Zimbabwean seer Prophet Mellontik Orasi claimed that he reached out to him and warned him of the impending doom. AKA, however, had publicly dismissed the message on Twitter, claiming that anyone spreading fear was not a messenger of God.

Speaking out after AKA’s death, Prophet Mellontik claimed that AKA never would have died had he listened to him.

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