ZFF in landmark partnership with LA LIGA

By Goodwill Zunidza

The Zimbabwe Football Forum (ZFF) has partnered LA LIGA, one of the leading global football leagues and commercial brand, in a landmark move that will boost the development of football business across Southern Africa.

The Spanish top-flight football division will be ZFF’s main partner for the second edition of the Zimbabwe Football Forum themed “Southern Africa Football Business Forum: Enhancing Regional Cooperation and Structural Integration in Football.”

The forum will be held at The Venue in Avondale, on November 3, 2023.
This critical partnership coincides with Zimbabwe’s readmission into global football after 18 months of suspension.

“With the global football market surging in value and showing no signs of waning, buoyed by the increased participation in different array at grassroots level and spurred towards its highest professional ranks by bankrolling owners and lucrative media deals, football’s socio-economic and transformation potential is immense,” said Terence Malunga, Founder and CEO of ZFF.

“The Partnership with LA LIGA provides an opportunity to uneducated and re-educate ourselves for the modern partnerships and collaborations.”

The multi-stakeholder Forum will provide a professional platform to network, share ideas, partner and collaborate.
A Football Clubs Expo will also be hosted, with the support of LALIGA, as part of steps towards building truly branded and competitive leagues.

“This premier football business symposium will discuss the contemporary transformative issues pertaining to governance, investment, creativity and innovation within the football ecosystem,” said Malunga.

LA LIGA are thrilled to be part of the Forum as they believe in football’s capacity to unite cultures and create lasting connections.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be invited to the Zimbabwe Football Summit. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the vibrant football community in Zimbabwe and share insights into LA LIGA’s international expansion strategy in Africa,” Tresor Penku, Managing Director of LALIGA Africa.

“This summit is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the beautiful game on the African continent,” he added.

LA LIGA South Africa Commercial Manager, Natalie Barlow, emphasizes the importance of global strategies that are rooted in local contexts.

“The process of ‘localisation of global strategies’ is pivotal to our mission in Africa.

“We’re excited to discuss how we adapt and tailor our initiatives to the unique and diverse African markets at the Zimbabwe Football Summit.

“By fostering partnerships and understanding the specific needs of each region, we aim to bring the spirit of LA LIGA closer to the hearts of fans across Africa,” she said.

ZFF Advisory Board Chairman Gerald Sibanda, who is also the CEO of Real Betis Academy Zimbabwe, believes now is the time to unlock business opportunities in the local football industry.

“We are very delighted to welcome once again LA LIGA to Zimbabwe,” he says.

“This is time to discuss key issues and explore synergies amongst all stakeholders,” said Sibanda.

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