Political sparks fly: CCC legislator Joanna Mamombe and ED’s son Kuda Mnangagwa in tense face-off

CCC legislator Joana Mamombe almost got into a knuckle fight with President Mnangagwa’s son Kuda Mnangagwa in Parliament last week.

Parliamentary Chaos
Two weeks ago, one Sengezo Tshabangu, who falsely claimed to be the secretary general of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), wrote a letter to the parliamentary speaker Jacob Mudenda, saying that 15 CCC MPs were no longer members of the party.

Despite the protest from the CCC, Mudenda accepted the letter and declared the 15 seats vacant. On 10 October, CCC legislators broke into song and slogans, disrupting the business in the National Assembly. Anti-riot police were called in to yank them out. Mudenda also banned all ejected CCC MPs from attending Parliament for six sittings and cut their two months’ salaries.

Nelson Chamisa held a press briefing and announced that his party’s MPs would disengage from all parliamentary and council business until the crisis has been resolved.

Joana Mamombe And Kuda Mnangagwa In Near-Fist Fight
On the day that CCC legislators caused chaos in parliament, Harare West MP Joana Mamombe had a confrontation with President Mnangagwa’s son, Kuda Mnangagwa. Kuda Mnangagwa was recently appointed Deputy Minister of Finance.

Joana Mamombe Kuda Mnangagwa
Joana Mamombe and ED’s Son Kuda Mnangagwa In Tense Face-Off [Image: Ruvimbo Muchenje/X]
In a video trending on X, Kuda Mnangagwa held Joana Mamombe in the midst of the melee. The enraged female MP turned and threateningly pointed a water bottle at him as she shouted. The deputy minister in turn pointed at her to calm her down.

Another female MP jumps in and confronts Mamombe before violently shaking her. The plus-size MP retaliates and almost smashes the other female legislator with a water bottle.

Watch the drama below.

Zimbos expressed mixed emotions to the incident.

“If it was me I would say Joanna has a crush on Kuda. She didn’t need to be that close to argue with him.”


“Ko iye Joana akazosvika kune maMP eZANU sei??”


“They are falling on top of each other to protect the “President’s son.”


“Saka mukufunga kuti Advocate FM varikutrainerei Boxing … Mamombe ngaatoendawo kuri kuKarate chaiko zvinyatsoita “

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