Govt In Major U-turn, Allows Grade 7s To Go On Holiday

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Government has reversed its decision to cancel the traditional early school holiday for Grade Seven pupils who would have finished writing their national examinations.

Grade Sevens completed their examinations this past week and were set to take an immediate break from attending school awaiting their results.

In a directive, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education cancelled the holiday and ordered the current generation of Grade Sevens to follow the national education calendar which ends with the third term in December.

Government ordered the so-called compulsory organised learning branded as a transition mechanism from primary to secondary education.

Announcing the order, ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said the main focus after examinations was to give “guidance and counselling to pupils as they prepare to enrol for secondary school”.

However, government has since made a U-turn on the order through Circular number 18 issued by Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education Moses Mhike.

“The circular cancels circular number 17 of 2023 on compulsory organised learning activities post Grade 7 examinations,” he said.

“The cancellation therefore means the Grade 7 pupils must be allowed to close school.

“Those schools that had planned and budgeted for educational school trips should proceed as such in conformity with Circular P54.”

The circular was distributed to chief directors, provincial educators and other stakeholders within the entire education system in the country. *ZimLive*

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