Soccer Legend, Gift “Umbro” Muzadzi, ARRESTED After ‘Mbabje’ Marijuana Plantation Discovery

Gift “Umbro” Muzadzi, the renowned former Warriors and Dynamos FC goalkeeper, recently appeared in court on charges of allegedly cultivating marijuana in his garden. These allegations are in violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act, as disclosed during his appearance before Harare Magistrate Mrs. Yeukai Dzuda.

Muzadzi has been released on $50,000 bail while the legal proceedings continue.

The court was informed that on May 29, the police received a tip-off regarding a residence in the Good Hope area of Harare, where multiple marijuana plants were reportedly being cultivated in the garden. Acting on this tip-off, the police proceeded to Muzadzi’s residence. Upon arrival, they entered the yard and identified themselves.

Gift Umbro Muzadzi
Subsequently, the law enforcement officers discovered seven marijuana plants in the garden. During their investigation, they interviewed Muzadzi’s wife, Mendy Mhene, who purportedly stated that the plants belonged to her husband. Further questioning of Muzadzi himself allegedly confirmed that he was the owner of the seven marijuana plants.

The recovered marijuana plants had a height ranging from 0.86 meters to 1.8 meters.

The marijuana plants that were seized will be presented as evidence in court. Muzadzi has been charged with possessing this dangerous drug without the required permit or license.

The legal process is ongoing, and further developments in this case will be reported.
– Agencies

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