Nelson Chamisa Decides on CCC Participation in Upcoming By-Elections

Nelson Chamisa, the president of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), recently made a significant announcement regarding his party’s participation in the upcoming parliamentary by-elections scheduled for December 7.

These by-elections were triggered when Sengezo Tshabangu, who claims to be the interim Secretary General of the CCC, recalled 15 legislators, arguing that they were no longer members of the party.

The by-elections are set to take place on December 9, with the Nomination Court convening on the 7th of next month.

Chamisa’s Resolute Response
CCC legislators have since approached the courts challenging the recalls. Chamisa firmly stated that CCC would not participate in the by-elections if the courts did not overturn the recalls. He emphasized that engaging in these elections would mean endorsing an unconstitutional and criminal act. Chamisa expressed his concern about the validity of the recalls, labelling them as fraudulent and not representative of CCC.

“We should not waste time on unconstitutional acts or criminal acts. We don’t participate in crime. It would be a different ball game had these vacancies been created by a proper case of law and the course of law. But you can’t say you choose to criminally produce an impostor, a fraudster. A bogus recall which is not from CCC. Everyone knows who CCC is. They know it. ZEC, the Parliament. Mr Mnangagwa. They all know who CCC is,” Nelson Chamisa declared.

Tshabangu’s Role in Candidate Selection
Meanwhile, Tshabangu says he will be in charge of screening and endorsing CCC candidates for the forthcoming by-elections. He told VOA Zimbabwe Service he has a list of candidates for the by-elections saying,

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