Unlucky woman’s name dragged into Rev’s mess…Newly-married woman targeted by social media hawks…Churchmates defend her, slam those tarnishing her name

A YOUNG couple’s marriage is in trouble after a social media post FALSELY accused the wife of having been the woman who had sex with United Methodist Church leader who later took his life in shame.

The late Reverend Oscar Mukahanana committed suicide after details of his fling with one of his church’s congregates leaked onto the WhatsApp group of the church.

Now, Melody Rutendo Gambiza’s marriage has been shaken after her name was dragged by what her close associates are describing as “HATERS” into the mess, which has rocked the church.

Sources told H-Metro yesterday that some people were even threatening her with a number of threats being flighted on the church’s WhatsApp groups.

Melody only got married a month ago.

One of the church WhatsApp groups is full of pictures of Melody with those, who are behind her attack, claiming she was the one who had an adulterous affair with the late clergyman.

Reports last night claimed Melody has engaged her legal advisor, as the pressure mounts.

Melody Rutendo Gambiza
There were also reports that her mobile phone was taken “by those who want to establish if there is any truth in the speculation.”

One of the messages reads:

“Melody akaenda here kunobata maiguru mawoko?”

Sources said this was an unfair attack on Melody.

“This is very sad because it’s all the work of haters who just decided to drag an innocent name into this mess,” they said.

“There is no truth, whatsoever, in all this and it’s sad that a good person and honest wife, who only got married recently, has to go through all this.

“She chose marriage because she believes in what it represents and for people to drag her name in this is very bad and we can only feel for her.

“She has gone through a lot since these WhatsApp messages started to fly around and, sadly, there is nothing she can do because she cannot stop these people from spreading these lies.

“We are really lost and we can’t understand why they chose her, of all people, and damaged her name and reputation.”

Melody is the church’s former Harare East youth president and is a member at Zimre Park Circuit.

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