Wife of Late Methodist Leader Praises Cheating Hubby, Recounts His Last Moments

Emma Mwadiwa, the wife of the late Reverend Oscar Mukahanana, a United Methodist Church leader whose final moments were marred by a sex scandal, has fondly remembered her husband as a loving and caring man.

Speaking about her late husband, Emma Mwadiwa expressed gratitude for the life she shared with him, describing him as a quiet individual who abhorred quarrels. She reflected on their relationship, emphasizing that even during their disagreements, he would remain composed and occasionally step away to avoid conflict.

In the midst of the scandal surrounding his final days, Emma Mwadiwa thanked God for the time she had with Oscar and acknowledged the pain she endured. She also recognized that, in the grander scheme of things, events unfold according to God’s will.

Emma recounted their last moments together, noting that on the day of his passing, they had visited a sick church member in Chitungwiza and returned home peacefully. Oscar mentioned attending a church leaders’ meeting, packed his belongings, and departed. Emma explained that she refrained from calling him since he had mentioned the meeting. However, she sent him a message inquiring about his progress, to which he replied that he was yet to finish. Later, he instructed her to eat, but she decided to wait and share a meal with him. Unfortunately, he did not reveal his intentions and eventually turned off his mobile phone. The tragic discovery of his passing occurred the following day after a search was initiated.

Emma expressed her gratitude to the church and Mukahanana family for their support and for granting her the privilege of being Oscar’s wife. She conveyed her intent to continue praying for favor, given her past experiences, while cherishing the memories of Oscar’s leadership, love, and the thoughtful clothing he used to buy for her.

The couple’s children, Emmanuel and Wadzanai, also shared their affectionate memories of their late father, highlighting his love and care.

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