Three teens in court for murder

THREE teenagers who made life hell for Christonbank and Lowdale residents have landed in the dock after they stabbed one of their victims to death.

The three are Nelson Mugada, 18, Calvin Furusa, 18 and Tinashe Ngwerume, 15 are reportedly part of a six-man gang the police have been hunting down.

They appeared before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi on Wednesday facing murder charges.

The Investigating Officer in the case, Final Chauke, urged the court to lock up the trio on grounds that their accomplices are still on the run.

He also said they were likely to re-offend because they did not show any remorse when their warned and cautioned statements were recorded.

“The accused (s) formed a group. It is a gang that is terrorizing the Christonbank and Lowdale residents with knives, machetes and axes.

“Letting them free is endangering the lives of the same communities. They have several cases at Marlborough including assault, threats of future and violence.

“The whole community is living in fear. The accused are capable of absconding the courts as they know the fate awaiting them. Accused 1 and 3 have no permanent addresses and they may be difficult to trace once released.

“Ngwerume’s parents were made to leave their usual address in Christonbank because the community is tired of living in fear.

“The accused were caught in the mountains escaping arrests hence are a flight risk. The accused can also interfere with witnesses by threatening them to compromise their statements in court.”

They were advised to seek bail at the High court.

It is the State’s case that the three killed one Charles Sanudi after he tried to protect Tatenda Mapurani whom they were chasing.

The National Prosecuting Authority said the three and their accomplices, still at large were chasing Mapurani on October 23 when the latter decided to seek refuge in Sanudi’s home.

“The gang then turned on Sanudi and stabbed him on the right thigh and neck using a knife, killing him instantly,” read court papers.

The other three suspects managed to escape while the alleged murderers were detailed by the public and taken to the police station.

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