52-Year-Old Zimbabwean Man’s Audacious Impersonation: A Shocking Twist in Exam Cheating Scandal

In a sensational twist of events, a 52-year-old Zimbabwean man has taken centre stage in a shocking examination fraud scandal, where he attempted to impersonate an A-level student.

This audacious act has sent shockwaves through the Zimbabwean educational system, shedding light on a deep-rooted problem that threatens the integrity of the nation’s examinations.

The Audacious Impersonator: George Bukuta
At the heart of this gripping narrative is George Bukuta, a 52-year-old man who has boldly taken on the role of an A-level student. His audacious act of impersonation is at the core of this scandal, showcasing the lengths some will go to manipulate the examination system.

George Bukuta’s Daring Deception
The Herald reports that Bukuta’s audacious impersonation involved an attempt to write A-level Family and Religious Studies and History exams on behalf of another candidate, Shadreck Mutsau. To do so, he used a passport indicating a birthdate that did not match his age, creating a false identity to deceive invigilators and authorities.

Discovery and Arrest
Bukuta’s audacious plan began to unravel when a vigilant invigilator at Life Long College noticed discrepancies in his identity, leading to suspicions. The invigilator’s quick thinking and alertness prompted them to alert the authorities.

Bukuta was subsequently arrested and admitted to the impersonation, revealing that he had been paid US$200 by Shadreck Mutsau, the candidate he impersonated. This shocking revelation shed light on the intricate web of fraudulent activities within the examination system.

Interestingly, the tale of George Bukuta’s audacious impersonation bears eerie parallels to a similar incident that transpired in Zimbabwe in 2017. A 22-year-old private tutor, Liberty Madzinga, from Chitungwiza, was arrested for a strikingly similar offence. Madzinga was caught red-handed writing an exam on behalf of his 38-year-old student, Tsitsi Chitima.

Much like Bukuta, Madzinga resorted to faking a national identification card to sit exams for Tsitsi Chitima at Seke Mhuriimwe High School in Chitungwiza. He managed to initially deceive invigilators but was eventually arrested on the third day, after successfully completing the English Paper 1 exam.

Madzinga had managed to write Mathematics Paper 1 and Commerce Paper 1 as well.

Tsitsi Chitima, the beneficiary of Madzinga’s impersonation, explained her motivations, saying,

“I was not prepared for the examination and I agreed to pay Liberty part payments until he finished writing all three subjects for me. My husband was not aware of the deal. I failed the three subjects in 1997 and I decided to make this deal so as to apply for employment.”

Striking Parallels, Troubling Questions
The striking parallels between George Bukuta’s recent impersonation and Liberty Madzinga’s 2017 incident raise questions about the vulnerabilities within the examination system and the extent of fraud and cheating that might exist within the nation’s educational framework.

TOP PIC: Echoes from the Past: A 2017 Incident

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