Apostolic sect leader bashes wife over HIV status

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A HARARE woman suffered a miscarriage after she was bashed by her husband, who is an apostolic sect leader, for not disclosing her HIV status.

This emerged at the Harare Civil Court yesterday where Tarisai Kapuya was seeking a protection order against her husband, Worship Muranda.

“We had an argument after I fell sick and he started physically abusing me, beating me until I suffered a miscarriage,” Kapuya said.

“I have always been abused because he has three other wives, but the abuse has escalated now and he threatens to kill me”

“He is an apostolic leader at his church where he embarrasses me in front of his congregants. I am a teacher and he forces me to surrender my salary to him or else he will stop me from going to work.”

Muranda denied the allegations before accusing his wife of having extra-marital affairs and hiding her HIV status from him.

“She was found to be HIV-positive when we visited the clinic together for a check-up and I confronted her,” he said.

“I do not abuse her but I realised that she receives calls from several men from her workplace and I stopped her from going to work.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Kapuya her application for a peace order.

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