Heartbreaking Abandonment: Mazowe Man Left Alone in Hospital Amidst Cancer Battle

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In a shocking display of heartlessness, a 37-year-old man battling anal cancer has been abandoned by his own family at a local hospital for a staggering 13 months.

Admire Matetakufa, hailing from Mazowe, has been stranded in the hospital since August last year.

Deceptive Medical Trip: Family’s Painful Betrayal
Speaking to H-Metro, he revealed the devastating truth that his relatives have effectively left him to face his battle alone, with no support or care.

Initially brought to the hospital under the pretext of receiving medical attention, Admire soon realized that his family’s intentions were far from benevolent. It became painfully clear that they sought to rid themselves of him during his time of dire need.

Admire, who is undergoing treatment for cancer caused by sexually transmitted diseases, also shared the heartbreak of his wife abandoning him for another man. This abandonment left him responsible for their three children, all of whom are now under the care of social welfare.

Mazowe Man Admire Matetakufa’s Plea for Support Amidst Cancer Battle
Desperate for assistance, Admire is reaching out to the kindness of strangers. His plea is simple yet urgent: he needs food, shelter for himself and his children, and various other forms of support. Despite the emotional toll of being deserted by those closest to him, Admire remains hopeful, buoyed by the doctors’ assurance that they are doing everything possible to save him.

He says that his father’s relatives have disowned him during his illness, with some even cruelly stating that he emitted a bad odour due to cancer. Admire painfully recounted the hurtful words spoken by his own kin,

“Doctors have promised to do their best to save me. My relatives abandoned me after I fell ill, saying that I should go to my late mother’s relatives. My late father’s relatives deserted me saying that I was not their relative and I have a bad odour due to the cancer.”

With the expectation of eventually being discharged from the hospital, Admire is in dire need of a new place to call home, where he can rebuild his life alongside his children.

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