‘Musungwa Manyama’: Viral Brazilian Chikurubi inmate now back in Brazil

The Brazilian inmate who left Zimbabwean men drooling over her video at Chikurubi Maximum Prison was reportedly released and is now back in Brazil.

Karoline Silver Mafra made headlines when she was arrested in Zimbabwe in April 2021, under suspicion of heroin trafficking. Alongside two locals, she faced serious charges that could have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence. However, her journey took unexpected turns.

While her co-accused received convictions and sentences, Karoline was acquitted of all drug trafficking charges. Despite being declared innocent, her documents were not in order, leaving her stranded in Zimbabwe without the means to return home to Brazil.

She found herself trapped within the walls of Chikurubi Female Prison, her beauty undiminished by adversity.

Overnight Fame, Thanks To Mai TT
A video emerged of Karoline dancing alongside Zimbabwean socialite Mai TT during a party at the prison. The internet buzzed as Zimbabwean men wondered how such a beauty ended up at the most dreaded place in Zimbabwe.

Karoline’s plight resonated with the public, and she appealed for assistance to purchase an air ticket back to Brazil.

Finally, after months behind bars, Karoline Silver Mafra seems to have stepped out of Chikurubi Female Prison and boarded a flight home.

Now back in Brazil, she faces a new beginning, leaving behind the prison walls that once held her captive.

ON Instagram, she created an account and started posting on 12 August. She also regularly shares Stories.

Zimbos online shared mixed sentiments as the viral Chikurubi Brazilian inmate went back home.


“Ndofunga karikuudza vamwe ikoko kuti kwaSadza hakuna kumira mushe.”

“Asi nechemumoyo Chikurubi haidi nekuihwa.”


“Ngaadzokere mujeri if she wants her beauty back.”


“Happy for her she must now stay far away from trouble. She is still young. Make the right decisions.”


“Thanks to ZIMBABWEAN MAN ndimi makaita azikanwe.”

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