Drama At Court As Ivy Kombo’s Husband Slips Into a Trance!

Ivy Kombo’s husband, Admire Kasi, entered a trance yesterday and, due to issues with the settlement of his bail conditions, only missed spending the night in remand prison.

In a case where they are suspected of fraud, the well-known couple from the UK was granted bail.

Kombo fulfilled her $300 US bail requirement.

However, Kasi believed that the drama at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts was only getting started.

Some discrepancies in the names on his documents made it difficult for him to comply with his bail requirements.

He was informed that he would be placed in remand prison and could not be freed since the name on his passport did not match the one on the State’s documents.

And Kasi went into a trance when he realised she could have to spend at least one night in remand detention.

He began to shake, as though he was going through a seizure, and then he yelled that he was experiencing an asthma attack.

Court personnel hurried over to try to assist him.

When he presented additional documentation proving that he was, in fact, the rightful owner of the passport he had presented in court, the matter was settled.

Marewanazvo Gofa, a magistrate in Harare, heard the couple’s case and granted them US$300 bail.

The two were told to turn in their passports and report to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission headquarters every two weeks.

According to the allegations, the couple received their Bachelor of Laws degrees from the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom in 2013.

Additionally, after passing conversion exams, they had to obtain a certificate of completion from the Council for Legal Education in order to practise law in Zimbabwe.

According to the claims, Kombo went to a CLE official named Shorai Tafadzwa Mupunga in 2021 to ask for help registering for and writing the conversion exams.

It is said that Mupunga informed her that she intended to hire Huggins Duri, the CLE secretary at the time.

According to the allegations, Mupunga approached Duri at some point last year, and he said that if the couple paid US$1,100, he could help with the issue of the conversion certificates without having to write the conversion examinations.

According to reports, the two gave Mupunga the money, which she gave to Duri, who processed the certificates attesting to the couple’s completion of and success in eight conversion subjects.

Common Law 1 and Common Law 2, Evidence, Bookkeeping, Civil Law Practise Duties and Functions, and Ethics for Legal Practitioners are the topics covered.

According to the charges, Duri gave Mupunga the certificate so that she could give it to the couple.

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