Mambo Dhuterere offers US$20 000 car to anyone who can prove he had an affair

Gospel singer Mambo Dhuterere has offered to give anyone who has concrete proof that he had an affair a car worth US$20,000 as a reward.

Mambo Dhuterere’s bold generous offer comes after he was accused of cheating on his wife and impregnating another woman.

The Cheating Allegations
Mambo Dhuterere recently found himself in the spotlight when gossip monger Tatelicious accused him of having an affair with two women. Tatelicious posted images of these women, claiming they were Mambo Dhuterere’s “side chicks.

Tatelicious Accuses Mambo Dhuterere Of Having An Affair And Impregnating Another Woman
Tatelicious Accuses Mambo Dhuterere Of Having An Affair And Impregnating Another Woman (Image Credit: Facebook/Mambo Dhuterere)
Furthermore, the socialite even on to claim that Mai Dhuterere had left Mambo Dhuterere because he had impregnated one of his alleged side chicks.

Mambo Dhuterere Sets the Record Straight, Offers US$20k Car Reward

In response to these allegations, Mambo Dhuterere took his Facebook Page to vehemently refute all the baseless accusations leveled against him by Tatelicious.

Contrary to Tatelicious claims that his wife had left him, he stated that he and his wife are still together.

“Hatina zvatingakuitewo kana muchi believer nyaya dzisina kana evidence🤷isu tichiri pamwe kuno.. pa carwash pajekerere pogoita noise madam, girlfriend na mambo poshaya anotorawo video?..”

Mambo Dhuterere went on to offer to give a car worth US$20K as a reward to anyone who can provide proof that his wife left him and went to Botswana or that they had separated.

Mambo Dhuterere also extended the offer to anyone who has evidence that he had an affair with either of the two women who were alleged to be his side chicks.

“anouya ne evidence ye fight pa carwash, yekuti madam is in Botswana now or takaparadzana, any lady ane mwana we public DNA or humbowo hwe affair with any of vakadzi vakupostwa avo ndomupa mota iri worth 20K…

He acknowledged that, just like any other human being, he is not perfect.

“Listen, tobhaiza too bad l admit am never perfect, that’s being human, but kana musati mandibata musamanikidzire😆😆 muchandibata henyu ende mukandibata ndobvuma..”

Mambo Dhuterere concluded by emphasizing the impact of such fabricated stories on those implicated in the scandal.

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