Fugitive Zim man who killed romantic rival in Durban arrested in Zimbabwe

Tinashe Hove (20), who had been evading authorities for a week following the alleged murder of a romantic rival in Durban, South Africa, was apprehended on Sunday. Hove, said to have fled to Zimbabwe, was found and detained in Harare, where he had been in hiding.

Tinashe Hove appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, who remanded him in custody until November 22. He was advised to seek bail considerations from the High Court due to the gravity of his alleged involvement in a third schedule offense.

The court heard that on November 1, Tinashe was embroiled in a dispute with Theophilus Musekiwa over a woman named Lequina Chikato. Allegedly, during the altercation, Tinashe fatally stabbed Musekiwa in the upper chest. Musekiwa was swiftly transported to Addington Hospital but was tragically declared dead upon arrival.

A report was filed with the South African police, but Tinashe absconded, ultimately returning to Zimbabwe.

In a separate case, Nkulumo Dube of Highfield in Harare also appeared in the same court, facing charges related to another murder. The court learned that on October 23, Dube, along with accomplices (some of whom have been arraigned while others remain at large), pursued Tatenda Mapulani to the Morebetterdays Mine compound.

Mapulani sought refuge at Charles Sanudi’s residence, where he was tragically attacked and fatally stabbed by the pursuing group. Sanudi suffered two knife wounds on his right thigh and one on his neck, resulting in his death at the scene.

The prosecution was represented by Zebediah Bofu.
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