Enraged Chinhoyi man kills wife after catching her with boyfriend in their bedroom

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Fifty-year-old Bwanali Bwanado got home unexpectedly at night on 7 November 2023. On walking into his bedroom, he was shocked by what he witnessed. He saw his wife, Chioneso Ephrame (41), sitting on their bed with her side dude.

An incensed Bwanali whipped out an okapi knife and stabbed his wife ruthlessly.

Posting on X, the Zimbabwe Republic Police confirmed the tragic incident:

“Police in Chinhoyi are appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Bwanali Bwanado (50,) who is being sought in connection with a case of murder in which he stabbed his wife, Chioneso Ephraim (41), to death with an okapi knife after finding her sitting on their matrimonial bed with her boyfriend on 7 November 2023 at a house in Gadzema.”

A relative of the deceased, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told iHarare that after committing the heinous crime, Bwanali called Chioneso’s mother. The relative disclosed:

“Bwanali Bwanado called granny, the deceased woman’s mother, and he said, ‘I have stabbed your daughter to death. I have left, and you’ll never see me again.’ At that point, he cut off the phone, and when people tried reaching out to him, his number was unavailable. Granny then called Chioneso’s maid, asking what was happening in Chinhoyi. The maid confirmed that it was true: Bwanali had killed his wife, Chioneso. She died at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital.”

Crimes Of Passion In Zimbabwe
Chinhoyi Man Kills Wife
Enraged Chinhoyi Man Kills His Wife After Catching Her With A Boyfriend [Image: Adobe Stock]
Crimes of passion have been prevalent in Zimbabwe. Last week, 35-year-old Daniel Mufambi of the Johanne Marange sect member savagely attacked and killed his wife, Benedict Mutero, after she refused to shave her head.

In May, Pascal Dube fatally stabbed his wife, Aquiline Sadziwa, while she had her baby on the back. Pascal butchered his wife with a kitchen knife before crushing her head with a large rock.

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