Gogo Murata warns her daughter Mai TT to stay away from social media

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Gogo Murata has shared with HMetro her sentiments upon her daughter Mai TT’s release from prison.

Easter Murata, the mother of socialite Mai TT, went candid and bared her heart in an interview with H-Metro after her daughter was released. The hurt and heartbroken mother had a lot to say about her daughter’s life before jail and her hopes for the future.

Gogo Murata shared that Mai TT learned how to make woollen bags while in prison and that she hopes the socialite will continue with that hustle.

Gogo Murata blames Mai TT’s friends.
According to Gogo Murata, her daughter has a calling to serve God as a preacher. However, the heartbroken mother said Mai TT’s friends influenced her to turn away from God.

She also shared that she cries whenever a former friend of Mai TT uses her name and that of her husband to attack their daughter.

‘My name and that of my husband have become someone’s source of living, attacking our personality and calling us names for the sake of attacking Mai TT.’

The church stood by Mai TT during her incarceration
Gogo Murata shared that she prayed for her daughter using biblical scriptures after the arrest. She went to her Pastor and other church elders, who guided her and prayed with her for her daughter to be freed.

Gogo Murata wants her daughter’s obsession with social media to end so that she can change lives through preaching and serving God.

Mai TT’s release from prison
After being cleared of all fraud charges, Mai TT was free on the 7th of November. Her family welcomed her back and had a party on her release. The socialite thanked the people who stood by her and the brands that did not drop her as an ambassador.

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