Cops hunt suspects who stole US$1m from a Harare house

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) say it is on a hunt for suspects who stole USD1 million cash from a house in Borrowdale.

Their statement reads:

ZRP is investigating a case of unlawful entry into premise and theft which occurred at a house in Borrowdale Brooke, Harare on 11/11/23 where an unknown suspect forced open the victims’ bedroom window and gained entry before stealing US$1 000 000 cash which was in a suitcase, US$950 cash which was in a satchel and 3 X US10-00 Buddie vouchers. Anyone with information to report at any nearest police station.

Of course commiserations to the person from whom the money was stolen, but that has obviously raised questions around how one has that much cash in their house in a suitcase.

Some of the responses on X have been:

1 mil usd in cash. Mmmm sounds illegal to keep such cash on hand, is it? – @ruwa_dzano

Also investigate why are they not banking the money. ZanuPF friends are sabotaging the economy. – @Makombe_ngulube

I thought you will be investigate 2 cases here, house breaking and how he come to have $1million in house isn’t this kind of money should be in a bank.. maybe i don’t know – @msa_james

Investigate the person who lost the money unless they provided you with legitimate reason why they kept such huge sums in a suitcase and not in the Bank – @psithole

Of course, we have no reason to suggest that this money was no illegally in one’s home, but the situation does raise a lot of questions.

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