Chegutu Pirates—-(0)1
Black Mambas —–(0)0

Innocent Muchochomi in Chegutu

Pfupajena Stadium perimeter fence fell down after the referee blew the final whistle as Chegutu Pirates followers stormed the pitch ecstatically celebrating a 1-0 win over Black Mambas that let their team climb to the top of the Northern Region Soccer League.

Gibson Gaison’s scrambled for goal in a melee midway through the second half of this blockbuster title-deciding clash on Saturday ignited jubilation as Pirates now believe they will earn a place in the Premier league next season

The victory ensured that Pirates maintain their unbeaten home record which they vowed to jealously protect and keep clean when they welcome Herentals in their last game.

Mambas, who spent the better part of the season sitting on top of the log standing, will travel to Trojan stars.

Prior to this much anticipated and publicized match that attracted a bumper crowd, Mambas had 67 points and only needed a draw in this game to cling on to the top but fate ruled otherwise.

Cautiously and without any urgency Mambas dictated the pace and when it looked like Pirates had gathered momentum and gaining ground, they deliberately and frustratingly faked to have been injured.

Determined Pirates bombarded their opponents and Gaison got the all important goal when it seemed they were not going to edge past Mambas

Gaison failed to contain how happy he became on scoring as testified by the wild run he made.

“It’s not that we are good but the mercy and grace of the Lord took us this far.”

“We badly wanted this win for the sake of our supporters who always encourage us to soldier on ”

“Our supporters behaved immaculately because our opponents employed dirty tactics that could have resulted in abandonment of the game had they reacted but patiently, singing and dancing they had faith we were going to deliver”

“I want to thank them for the unwavering support and the level of maturity they exhibited.

“I also want to dedicate the win to our late Team Manager Kenny Ndlovu and the philanthropic Columbus Makumbe.”

“Wish they were here today witnessing how we are marching to the promised land,” said Gaison

Just like his player, Pirates gaffer Emmanuel “Ras Day” Gutu also devoted the gradual ascendancy to elders

Before kick off the down-to-earth Ras Day sucked wise advisory lyrics from Mr Muzuva and Zebron Zulu who graced the game.

“It has not been rosy to but we stood the tide to reach this far.”

“As I said earlier that the race is not for the fitn but those who can endure and here were are.”

“Generally it’s because of the a concerted effort from stakeholders.”

” Thanks for the job well done especially our supporters I salute you”

While Ras Day was in merriment, his counterpart John “Toto” Ncube blamed slack marking for the defeat.

“I told my defenders at halftime to keep an eye on Ruben Machaya and Gaison especially on set pieces and look what happened,” Ncube said

Despite losing Ncube remain hopeful that chances to attain Premiership position are still there.

“We still have an opportunity. We are just a point behind and there is a game before we seal the season and anything can happen.”

“It’s not yet over. We will play ti win our next game not looking at how Pirates will fare.”

Chegutu Pirates now lead the race to earn promotion to Premier league with 68 points and need nothing except a win against Herentals.

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