ZEXCOM Celebrates It’s First Ever Security Guards Pass Out

By Desire Tshuma

ZEXCOM Foundation Investment Fund on Friday 17 November 2023 celebrated pass out of its 10 security guards in Harare.

ZEXCOM subsidiary security company was formed in 2022 and was registered as a company in January 2022. Before the formation of the ZEXCOM Security Company, ZEXCOM properties were being guarded by Guardian Security Company until when the board of directors came up with the idea to have Guardian Security Company train it’s personnel.

“We sent the first group of four men to train with the Guardian security company from June to December 2021. All of them were attached to the Guardian security company for nine months to gain experience until September 2022 when they were finally deployed to Equity House which is one of our properties in Harare,” explained Mr Chrispen Mashayamombe.

“ZEXCOM security men and women are recruited strictly from children or close relatives of the company shareholders,” added Mr Mashayamombe, ZEXCOM Board Chairman (pictured). Men and women of ZEXCOM security took two weeks intensive training which included foot drills, endurance, marathon, physical fitness, weapon handling and theory in pistol.

ZEXCOM Foundation Investment Fund which is located at number 82 Rezende Street Equity House has diverse business entrepreneurship which includes mining and farming which they are yet to commercialise. They have mining claims in Manicaland, Midlands and in Mashonaland East while they have a farm in Mashonaland West which they
still have to solve some double allocation problems.

ZEXCOM Foundation Investment Fund has over 4,350 shareholders from all 10 provinces. It has been in liquidation for 18 years for failing to pay debts which had accrued to US$500 000.

ZEXCOM steering committee worked for one year to retrieve it from liquidation. They were 10 of the shareholders who worked together to get the company back. Ten shareholders were Chrispen Mashayamombe, Emmanuel Mthwethwa (now late), Alexio Chitsanzara, Grace Kadzura Kufahakutizwi, Stefani Pios Mumbiro, Charles Chifamba, Ruth Kumbirai Mhlandla, Mositafa Mudara, Robson Goredema and Zivai Mboko.

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