Mnangagwa Breathes Fire As Economy Heats Up

In a high-stakes scenario, the Emmerson Mnangagwa-led Zanu PF government is grappling with escalating demands to adopt dollarization as Zimbabwe’s economy fervently leans towards foreign currencies, leaving the local currency in shambles.

The unmistakable signs of this pressure are evident in the relentless nosedive of the Zimbabwe dollar in the weekly foreign exchange auction—a stark reminder of the imperative for a currency overhaul.

This Tuesday marked a seismic turn of events as the Zimbabwe dollar plummeted by $18.57, averaging $5,774.2758 against the robust United States dollar during the auction. The ongoing saga of the local currency’s decline, though now slowing, underscores a notable shift in transactions towards foreign currencies.

The auction, with a total offering of US$20,000,000.00, saw a robust response with bids totaling US$17,309,350.08, all efficiently allocated. The financial landscape depicted a clear dominance of foreign currency transactions.

With the highest bid rate hitting an astonishing ZWL$5,792.0000, and the lowest bid rate allotted at 5,760.0000, the unmistakable trend away from the struggling local currency becomes more pronounced.

In a poignant twist, the Retail Auction unfolded a compelling narrative, with the highest allotment of US$866,444.48 for raw materials, closely followed by machinery and equipment at US$586,565.83. The growing reliance on foreign currencies in these vital sectors amplifies the case for a swift transition to a dollarized economy.

As economic dynamics intensify around the U.S. dollar, Mnangagwa confronts surging demands from both the public and the market to lead Zimbabwe towards a dollarized future. The scorching economy calls for a decisive response, placing the government under relentless pressure to embrace a foreign currency-dominated landscape.

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