Zim corruption shocks ex-minister as he loses US$140k house to fraudsters

Former Cabinet Minister and a senior employee at the World Bank in the USA, Dzingai Mutumbuka has expressed shock at the level of corruption in Zimbabwe after suspected fraudsters, conniving with the Deeds Office in Harare forged documents to his US$140 000 Chisipite house and sold it.

The matter is before the courts after Mutumbuka acted just in the nick of time.

Justice Webster Nicholas Chinamora who resigned last week following corruption allegations is said to have granted the order for Mutumbuka to vacate his house on a technicality. The order issued on September 18, 2023, instructed Mutumbuka to vacate the house and assist the purported buyer with the necessary paperwork.

Mutumbuka then appealed to the Supreme Court.

The buyer of the house armed with Chinamora’s order sought for Mutumbuka’s immediate eviction. The High Court however, threw out Marange’s appeal yesterday.

Mutumbuka said corruption in Zimbabwe was alarming and added that he was able to save his house so far because he is well known and influential. He felt sorry for poor people who are losing their properties daily with no chance for recourse.

He said he met President Mnangagwa and told him that although he is doing a great deal of work for the country, he will not go far if he doesn’t address the problem of corruption.

“I met President Emmerson Mnangagwa and I congratulated him on his achievements, but I told him he will not achieve much if he doesn’t deal with corruption.

“I am known that is why I am able to fight my case in the courts. What about those ordinary men and women in the streets who are not known? They easily lose their hard-earned properties to such fraudsters,” said Mutumbuka.

He called upon ZRP to investigate the Deeds Office whose officials he allege, collude with fraudsters to produce fake documents and swindle people of their properties.

Mutumbuka was the first Minister of Education and Culture Dzingai at independence.

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