Mother’s nightmare: Woman lives in fear as son tries to have Tlof Tlof with her

A Glen View woman is living scared after her mentally unstable son tried to have tlof tlof with her recently.

Mary Chekecheke (51) suspects that her son Tapiwa Chekecheke (22) now has a mental illness as he has been abusing drugs for a while, Kwayedza reports.

Son Tries To Have Tlof Tlof With His Mother
She told the publication that at one time, he tried to have tlof tlof with her by force. She only got help after she screamed, and her neighbours intervened to stop Tapiwa:

“It pains me so much. My own son wanted to have s_x with me after he sneaked in on me. It was only after I screamed that my neighbours rushed to fight him. That’s when he left me. We are trying everything we can to get him helped, but he gets so enraged. I am kindly appealing for help. I have suffered because of this child. Right now, whenever I speak of getting him help, he gets so violent.”

How Drugs Are Destroying The 22-Year-Old Man
Woman son tlof tlof
Glen View Woman Living In Fear As Son Tries To Have Tlof Tlof With Her [Image: De Druglijn]
Mary added that Tapiwa is exhibiting bizarre behaviour. She says when he is famished, he goes into a dry well 10 metres deep and eats from the ground.

“My son’s behaviour has been very strange lately. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s as if he is losing his sanity. When he is hungry, he gets so rowdy and noisy. He then takes a plate of sadza and rice and mixes them. He then goes into a dry well that is 10 metres deep, and he eats from there.

Mary also told Kwayedza that Tapiwa went to school up to Grade 7 before deciding to be a kombi tout.

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