Married woman.stuck while having Tlof Tlof with her boyfriend

A married woman could not hide her shame recently after she was stuck having tlof tlof with her boyfriend in her marital bed.

Married Woman Stuck Having Tlof Tlof With Side Dude
The unidentified woman was alone at home and thought of having a pleasurable time with her side dish. The two went bare, and the action started.

The adulterous couple had a good time and enjoyed every moment of their affair. However, when they were done, they got the shock of their lives.

As the man tried to disembark from his mount, his weapon of mass destruction was stuck inside the woman’s cat. He tried everything he could to move, but he could not. The couple was stuck together.

Married Woman Stuck
Married Woman Stuck While Having Tlof Tlof With Her Boyfriend [Image: ZimCelebs/Instagram]
Moments later, neighbours and people from within their community came and found the two cheats stuck. After one of the neighbours started recording, the couple hid their faces with the blanket. However, they could not hide that they were stuck together while having tlof tlof.

Watch the dramatic video below.

Zimbos Roll In Laughter
Social media users expressed amusement at the married woman and her boyfriend who got stuck. Check out some of their comments below.


“Iye mukadzi we munhu anonaka sei.”


“Varoyi busy kugadzira zve pakati vachitadza kutenga ma Curtain.”


“Sei vanhu vachigadzira vanhu avo? This is 21st century 😭😭😭”


“Ko position yakarohwa apa ndeyipi 😂😂”


“But pa fair, vakadzi vevanhu varikungo pondwa.”


“Ko vanga vachitamba mahumbwe nhaimi ko kana vanga vachingotamba havo matope imi motomunamirisa haa saka majokes haachadiwe here muno munyika nhaimi😂”

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