Mutare model Rhonia Faffie allegedy killed by boyfriend, home set on fire

The arts and entertainment community is in mourning following the untimely death of Rhonia Chimbetete, widely known as Rhonia Fafie. The talented fashion designer passed away shortly after completing her studies at Chinhoyi University, casting a somber tone over the weekend.

Reports blame an unnamed ex-boyfriend for her demise, who I sbelieved to have killed him and set the apartment on fire.

Rhonia Fafie, hailed as one of Mutare’s finest fashion models, video vixens, actresses, content creators, and TikTokers, met a tragic end as she was found burned beyond recognition in her rented apartment. The circumstances surrounding her death suggest it resulted from a house fire, leaving her isolated, and no one was able to communicate with her during the unfortunate incident.

Rhonia, who recently graduated from Chinhoyi University of Technology as one of the top students in her faculty, had a promising career ahead of her. Known for her impressive fashion designs showcased at various events and functions, her creativity and contributions to the artistic community were highly celebrated.

The details surrounding the fire remain unclear, and no one knows yet what started the devastating incident. Rhonia was residing alone, making it challenging for anyone to communicate or intervene during the emergency. The landlord reported observing an unusual brightness from a distance, and upon investigation, discovered the fire had already taken hold.

Friends from across the country have expressed their deepest condolences to Rhonia’s family, marking the loss of a vibrant and promising talent in the arts and entertainment sector. The circumstances surrounding her tragic death have added a layer of sorrow to the already grieving community, as they mourn the passing of one of Mutare’s best fashion models, video vixens, actresses, content creators, and Zimbabwe TikTokers.”

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