Susan Tembo’s book launch set for this Saturday

By Thomas Faranando

Susan Tembo continues to build narratives that entertain, inspire and motivate and has solidified her personal brand as one of the most consistent, hardworking and creative authors of our time.
Susan is set launch her latest book this Saturday 9 December at Methodist church hall CBD in Kadoma.

Her book which was published by wordsmith is titled — Nduri dzenhaka is loaded with collection of Shona poems.
Susan Tembo is a teacher at Herentals college,a freelance journalist and an author and has once featured in the book Mafuro Manyoro Ufuro Hwenduri in 2017, then Gwatsvira Gwenhetembo.

Susan born and bred Kadoma woman in ghetto hood of Rimuka, holds BA honours degree in FRS and History with Catholic University of zimbabwe. She is also an entrepreneur and her objective in writing is to entertain, inspire and motivate.

Susan said she was motivated by poetry of Hamutyinei as she was growing up.

“This book enables me as a mother to teach my child and other children to prepare for the realities of life,” said Tembo.

She said her book explores controversial issues which most authors usually avoid. She disclosed that her writing in general continues to be embroiled with great controversy.

Susan said she started writing Nduri Dzenhaka in January this year after being inspired by how youths are affected by drug abuse hence the need to stop it, how women are taken in the society and need to empower them as well as pandemics affecting Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

“The book also erosion of our shona culture and language hence the need to resuscitate it and show that it is significant,” she said.

The launch is expected be graced by award-winning authors, entrepreneurs, politicans and educators where another woman, Ohpah Bizabani will also launch her book titled Young and Innocent.

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