Violet Avoid Journalist Who Killed Herself: VIDEO reveals Zimbabwean Woman’s Marriage Struggles Before Her Death in the Philippines

Violet Avoid, a Zimbabwean national who tragically ended her life in the Philippines, had previously shared her distressing experiences in a video where she revealed the collapse of her life. In the video, she disclosed being a victim of workplace rape, unable to identify the perpetrator. The agonizing decision of whether to disclose this to her husband added to her emotional turmoil.

As her life took a turn, she found herself pregnant, exacerbating her challenges. The situation reached a breaking point when a physical altercation erupted between her and her husband, drawing in her boss, who had arrived to pick her up for work. The confrontation resulted in serious injuries to her husband, leading to Violet’s arrest. Subsequently, she was released after her boss confessed to being responsible for the altercation and was subsequently jailed.

Upon her husband’s release from the hospital, he expelled Violet from their home, and she departed, leaving behind her three young children. Stranded and in dire circumstances, the church offered her refuge. Despite the support, she saw no way out of her predicament, ultimately leading to her tragic decision.

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