Haunted by avenging spirit, Zimbabwean teenager barred from school for two years

In a perplexing case that has left the Madiro family desperate for a solution, a 13-year-old teenager from Honde Valley has been unable to attend school for the past two years due to what is believed to be the influence of a vengeful spirit.

The family has sought assistance from Chief Mutasa’s court in hopes of finding a resolution and allowing the teenager to resume his education.

Chief Mutasa, determined to see justice served, has adjourned the matter. Expressing his concern for the young boy, the chief stated, “I adjourned the matter to December 2. The matter has been dragging for too long because the culprit who is the teenager’s grandfather’s brother is playing hard to get.

“However, we will make sure that he will be available at the next hearing on December 2 because we cannot continue watching this innocent soul being tormented like this while his peers are in school,” he said.

According to Claudio Madiro, the teenager’s grandfather, their attempts to enrol him in school have been met with violence and manifestations attributed to the avenging spirit. The family had hoped to provide him with a quality education, but the supernatural force prevents him from setting foot on any school premises, making his attendance impossible.

“Our dream was to send our grandchild to a good school so that he gets the best education, but the spirit that possesses him does not allow him passage to any school premises.

“He should be in Form Two, but he has not seen any classroom door since we enrolled him for Form One last year. We have tried everything, but each time he gets to school, a dead man’s spirit manifests on him. He becomes violent and attacks other schoolchildren. He is now traumatised.

“The last time we tried escorting him to school, we did not pass the tollgate just outside Mutare as he started manifesting and demanded to be taken back home,” said Claudio.

Despite their efforts to homeschool the teenager, the avenging spirit continues to impede his education. In a plea for help, the family is appealing to anyone who might possess spiritual expertise to assist the teenager in overcoming this supernatural barrier and returning to school.

The origin of the haunting is believed to be rooted in a tragic event involving the teenager’s grandfather’s brother, Danwell Madiro, who was allegedly responsible for the death of Tapiwa Pukeni, a prisoner at Hwahwa Prison. Claudio believes that the spirit of Pukeni seeks retribution and has targeted his grandson as a result.

Notably, the spirit’s presence has caused severe physical discomfort for the teenager. Claudio shared, “The avenging spirit possesses my grandchild and identifies itself as Tapiwa Pukeni, who died in prison at the hands of my brother, Danwell, at Hwahwa Prison. As a result, my grandchild has not been visiting the toilet for normal defecation. It started when he was in Grade Five.”

Desperate to find a solution, the family has sought the aid of over 30 traditional and spiritual healers, spending a significant amount of money in the process. However, none of the attempts to exorcise the spirit have been successful. The spirit insists that Danwell be present for appeasement, despite his denial of the alleged crime.

Claudio expressed his concern for the well-being of his family, stating, “Danwell disappeared in June, and my grandson is suffering. My other grandchild has developed the same condition. I am afraid that if there is no remedy, deaths will be recorded in the family.”

In a previous attempt to address the situation, Chief Mutasa offered to accompany the family to Pukeni’s family in Chipinge. However, Danwell failed to appear, further complicating the resolution process.

Danwell confirmed to Manica Post that he was once a prison guard at Hwahwa Prison when he appeared before Chief Mutasa’s community court.

However, he insisted that he never killed Tapiwa Pukeni. In fact, he says he doesn’t even know the name.

Danwell accuses his brothers of working in connivance with traditional healers to implicate him in Pukeni’s murder.

The case has captivated the local community, as the supernatural interference with the teenager’s education underscores the belief in avenging spirits and their potential impact on daily life in Zimbabwe.

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