NERA Holds Successful Meeting Advocating for Electoral Reforms

Harare, Zimbabwe – The National Elections Reform Agenda (NERA) announced yesterday that their second meeting, held on December 8th, 2023, was a resounding success. The meeting was attended by a wide range of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and political parties, including prominent ones such as MDC, PDP, ZIPP, FORUS Party, UD-PPZ, and LEAD. Additionally, various CSOs, labor unions, student groups, and women’s organizations were present.

Eng. Mugari chaired the meeting. The participants highlighted the importance of the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) as a key priority. The youth representatives from political parties also advocated for the inclusion of maximum age limits for presidential candidates and lowering the age for youth candidacy.

The discussions resulted in a unanimous call for electoral reforms, recognizing the benefits these reforms would bring not only to political parties but also to the overall economic growth of the country. The participation of all stakeholders in the ZEC processes was emphasized as crucial. It was acknowledged that political disagreements within parties in Parliament should not negatively impact voters, as the loss of votes cast for preferred leaders due to recalls by a single individual undermines the citizens’ right to choose their representatives. Therefore, a comprehensive review of electoral laws is deemed necessary, with a particular focus on protecting the voice of the voters.

NERA expressed its gratitude to individuals who are sponsoring these essential meetings. The organization also urged other political parties and their leaders to follow suit and contribute to the collective effort towards electoral reforms. NERA looks forward to more political parties and civic societies offering their venues for future meetings.

According to the statement released by Mugari, a Principals meeting shall be held on January 18th, 2024, dedicated to the signing of NERA documents, solidifying their commitment to collaborative efforts in pursuing electoral reforms.

During the meeting, the Secretary Generals of political parties expressed their admiration and support for the initiation of much-needed electoral reforms, aligning with the aspirations of the past. Civic societies also pledged their unwavering support to ensure that future elections in Zimbabwe are free, fair, safe, and credible.


In his closing remarks, NERA Chairman Eng. Mugari extended an invitation to other stakeholders, including churches, citizens, and corporates, to join hands and support the agenda for national economic growth.

Eng. Mugari Joelson, NERA Chairman, emphasized the significance of these electoral reforms, stating, “We are united in our call for change and committed to ensuring that the voices of the voters are protected. We urge all stakeholders to come together and support our efforts in building a stronger and more democratic Zimbabwe.”

The Principals meeting in January will mark another step forward in NERA

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