Get rick quick juju backfires

REMEMBER, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Blinded by the allure of prosperity, an elderly man’s quest to get rich quickly through supernatural means backfired horribly when his children and relatives died, allegedly as a result of the muthi (traditional medicine) he acquired to become rich.

Jekete Ncube from Kapame village in Hwange reportedly bought the muthi, a python skin in a gourd, under the pretext that it possessed magical powers that could bring him instant wealth.

To his horror, the muthi had the opposite effect — causing the death of his children and relatives.

Instead of the muthi making him rich, Ncube is still poor.

“For Ncube, days turned into weeks and weeks into months, but his financial situation remained unchanged.

“Despite his unwavering faith in the sangoma’s promises, his hopes for a better life began to dwindle,” said a source who requested anonymity.

According to the source, a frustrated Ncube later confronted the sangoma, demanding an explanation for the lack of results.

“The sangoma, unfazed by his anger, reportedly told him that the python skin’s power required patience and unwavering belief,” said the source.

Following a series of mysterious deaths in the family, other members invited Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, the leader and founder of the Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church in Bulawayo for a cleansing ceremony.

During the event, Ncube made a chilling confession, saying some years ago, in a desperate bid to get rich, he consulted a sangoma, who gave him a python skin in a gourd.

A thorough search of his bedroom revealed a bag containing a considerable amount of coins and a drum brimming with maize grains.

His confession reportedly torched a storm within his family, with some members baying for his blood.

Ncube told Archbishop Mutumwa that his get-rich plan did not work out when the muthi started tormenting him, killing his children and other family members.

“I do not want this muthi anymore. I want to be rescued from it,” he reportedly pleaded during the cleansing session, while warning other family members against using juju to get rich quickly.

He reportedly said he never thought the muthi would harm his children and that he was now paying a heavy price for his actions.

In an interview, Archbishop Mutumwa confirmed the incident, saying it served as an example of the dangers of succumbing to get-rich-quick schemes.

“Whatever your beliefs, it is important to remember that there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want to be successful, you need to pray, work hard and be patient. There are no shortcuts to success.

“If you are considering using juju, please think carefully about the risks. It is not worth putting your life or the lives of your loved ones at risk,” warned Archbishop Mutumwa.

He said this usually happens when the client fails to follow all the instructions. — B-Metro


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