Woman (23) begs for love, affection

A 23-year-old woman has begged a Harare magistrate Sharon Mashavira to order her husband to confess before the court that he loved her.

Rumbidzayi Eliwani told magistrate Sharon Mashavira that her husband Tendai Pitire had been acting strangely of late and was seeking a protection against him.

“I have gotten used to his emotional abuse because he acts very strange when he sees me in public where he will be with his friends,” she submitted.

“He says I disgust him and insults me using obscene language.”

She also accused Pitire of sexually abusing her.

“He comes home only when he wants sex,” she said. “He forces himself on me and says he feels like throwing up afterwards. I want him to tell me before this honourable court if he loves me or not.”

Pitire did not oppose his wife’s application.

Mashavira ordered him to stop sexually and emotionally abusing his wife.

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