Gweru sets up evacuation centres

GWERU City Council has set up emergency centres to accommodate people who might be affected by flash floods and heavy rains.

In a statement yesterday, the local authority said it had set up evacuation centres in Mambo (Shumba Hall), Senga (Ingwe Hall), Mtapa (Mtapa Hall) and Woodlands (Nazarene Church of Christ), Mkoba 2 Hall, Mkoba 10 clubhouse and Muwunga Primary School.

“We would like to inform our valued residents that we have evacuation centres set up for those who have been affected by floods or those who will be affected by floods,” council said.

Woodlands residents were forced to leave their homes after their houses were flooded with water following Sunday and Monday flash floods which damaged property.

Maize fields in the area were also flooded.

In 2021, Gweru residents experienced floods in most low-lying areas of Mkoba, Nashville, Athlone, Riverside and Ascot.

The affected families lost property and food at the time.

Over the years, residents have blamed council for a poor drainage system which has seen recurrent flash floods in the city centre and residential areas.

The council has also been clearing blocked storm drains to lessen the effect of flooding. Establishment of settlements on wetlands and waterways has been cited as the major cause of recurring flash floods in the Midlands capital.

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