NERA’s Push for Electoral Reforms in Zimbabwe Gains Momentum with Backing from FORUS President 

By Edward Makuzva

In a bid to achieve much-needed electoral reforms in Zimbabwe, the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) has made significant strides, thanks to the unwavering support and generous sponsorship of FORUS President Manyara Irene Muyenziwa.


During a press conference held in Harare, NERA Chairman Joelson Mugari unveiled the progress made since the organization’s inaugural meeting. Mugari expressed his gratitude to the political parties, civic societies, and stakeholders whose unwavering support has propelled NERA’s mission forward.


The meeting, held in November, brought together various political parties and civic societies to assess the electoral systems and playing field in Zimbabwe. The urgent need for reforms was emphasized, with key concerns identified, including the demilitarization of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and transparent appointment of ZEC commissioners.


NERA has been actively advocating for these reforms and is set to present petitions to ZEC, Parliament, and other government ministries, demanding the implementation of necessary acts and procedures. The organization remains committed to amplifying the voices of the people and safeguarding their rights to free and fair elections.


Mugari called upon other political parties and their leaders to join forces with NERA in their pursuit of electoral reforms. He emphasized that the participation of all stakeholders is crucial in creating a level playing field and ensuring credible elections in Zimbabwe.


Mugari expressed heartfelt appreciation and extended thanks to FORUS President Manyara Irene Muyenziwa for her exceptional support and generous sponsorship.


As NERA’s efforts gain momentum, Zimbabweans are hopeful that these reforms will pave the way for a brighter future, where their voices are heard and their rights are protected in free and fair elections. With the support of Manyara Irene Muyenziwa, NERA aims to usher in a new era of democratic progress in Zimbabwe.

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