Visitors to UK now permitted to work with approval from Home Office

LONDON — The Home Office of the British Government has recently unveiled a significant shift in the UK visitor visa policy, allowing standard visitors the opportunity to engage in employment activities during their stay.

This noteworthy announcement was made on Thursday, December 7, marking a pivotal change in the regulations governing visitor visas.

Under the updated policy, standard visitors are now permitted to work in the country, provided they obtain prior approval along with their visit visa.

Barrister Shubhagat Dey, the managing partner of Lexpert Solicitors LLP in London, highlighted the removal of previous obstacles that restricted work on a visit visa.

This means that family visitors and holiday tourists can now pursue employment opportunities while traveling within the UK.

In the past, certain categories of visitors, such as Islamic scholars delivering speeches in Islamic programs, faced legal constraints in accepting monetary compensation for their services during their visit.

However, the revised policy now allows these scholars and others to receive payment legally.

Moreover, the expanded flexibility of the new regulations extends to professionals like lawyers, who can now enter the UK on a visit visa and provide various services as per the revised rules, according to Barrister Shubhagat Dey.

With approximately 40 million visitors arriving in the UK annually, the standard visitor visa remains a popular choice for those looking to stay in the country for up to six months.

While a £100 fee is required for a 6-month standard visitor visa, the recent policy changes are poised to enhance the overall experience for visitors by offering greater opportunities for engagement and participation in economic activities during their stay in the United Kingdom. _*—TheStreetJournal*_


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