Grief and Disbelief: Zimbabwean woman collapses and dies a day after arriving in Irelan

In a heart-wrenching incident, a Zimbabwean woman collapsed and died just a day after she had moved to Ireland.

Mavis Manyonga (57) recently relocated to Ireland on December 2 for a Christmas reunion and holiday with her family. The devastating incident unfolded, leaving her daughter, Vallerie Munashe Makuwe, grappling with grief and disbelief.

The Beautiful Reunion

Mavis’ daughter Vallerie Munashe Makuwe, is still reeling from the shock of the tragedy. She shared with H-Metro that her mother was healthy, managing the hypertension she had been diagnosed with. Munashe last saw her mother was in February 2022, and she had eagerly invited her to Ireland for the holidays.

She arrived in Ireland on 1 December. The initial moments of Mavis Manyonga’s arrival were normal and joyful, with a warm welcome at the airport and the promise of a joyous holiday ahead.

How The Zimbabwean Woman Died In Ireland

Munashe recounted how events tragically turned:

“That night, she complained of jet lag and asked for only a cup of hot water. I stayed with her in her bedroom until she fell asleep. I also then retired to bed in my room. The next morning, whilst in the shower, my mom called out, ‘Munashe! Munashe, please come down.’

l quickly dried myself thinking that there was a fire, only to find her on the floor and she was sweating. I removed the jersey she was putting on and asked my child to hand me my phone as l rang the paramedics. The paramedics swiftly responded because I stay in the vicinity of Letterkenny University Hospital. Three ambulances came, and the resuscitation process commenced.”

Mavis Manyonga later died in hospital that same day.

The sudden loss has left Munashe in a state of profound sorrow, struggling to comprehend the swift and tragic sequence of events that unfolded in a matter of hours after her mother’s joyful arrival in Ireland. The family’s plans for a festive Christmas celebration and holiday vacation are now replaced by mourning.

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