Karo Resources Platinum Mine: A Catalyst for Economic Growth

Own Correspondent 

In an exciting development, the US$4.2 billion Karo Resources platinum mine has kicked off its construction phase, marking a significant milestone for Zimbabwe’s mining industry. The project, which is one of the flagship initiatives of the Second Republic, promises to transform the country’s platinum sector with state-of-the-art facilities and increased production capacity.

Honorable Polite Kambamura, the Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development, expressed his delight at the progress during a recent visit to the construction site. He emphasized the government’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for the growth of the mining sector and praised Karo Resources for its efforts in building a strong local team.

“We are happy that finally things are happening,” Hon. Kambamura remarked. “All our eyes are on this project. We will be coming now and then to check on the progress.”

The Karo Resources platinum mine is set to become a game-changer for Zimbabwe’s mining industry. With the world’s second-largest known platinum deposits, the country has immense potential for economic growth and job creation. Currently, Zimplats, Mimosa Mining Company, and Unki Mine are the active players in the sector, but Karo Resources and Bravura are poised to join them soon.

The construction of the Karo Resources platinum mine involves the installation of cutting-edge equipment, some of which has been manufactured in China and stored in warehouses in South Africa. The transportation of this equipment to Zimbabwe will require the coordination of approximately 900 trucks.

The project has already provided employment opportunities for 1,040 workers, with 420 of them being locals from the Mhondoro area where the mine is based. This commitment to hiring local talent aligns with President Mnangagwa’s vision of promoting self-reliance and utilizing the skills available within the country.

During his visit, Hon. Kambamura commended Karo Resources for its focus on local talent and urged other mining operators to follow suit. “There are a lot of skills in the country. There is no need for us to go to China, Australia, and hire professionals,” he emphasized.

Karo Resources has also engaged local contractors, such as Masimba and Chikara, further contributing to the development of the local economy. The Ministry of Mines has pledged its continued support to address any challenges that may hinder the progress of the project.

Dr. Josphat Zimba, the country manager for Karo Resources, expressed his gratitude for the government’s support and highlighted the positive impact the project has already had on the community. “To see a thousand Zimbabweans walking every day with pride, cycling to work, jumping on buses, it gives us a lot of joy and pride to feel that we have made a small difference in our own way,” he said.

The Karo Resources platinum mine is not only a significant investment in Zimbabwe’s mining industry but also a catalyst for economic growth and development. It joins a series of multi-million and billion-dollar investments that have been initiated since the birth of the Second Republic in 2017, including the Manhize steel plant in Chivhu.

With the Karo project gaining momentum, Zimbabwe is poised to harness its vast platinum reserves and establish itself as a major player in the global mining market. As the construction progresses, the country eagerly anticipates the positive impact this project will have on job creation, infrastructure development, and overall economic prosperity.

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